Corporate elearning: What's the breakdown?

As someone involved in the design and development of elearning, I'd love your educated opinion and observation around the type of programs that are being created.

You might be someone working with a corporate setting, a vendor or an independent contractor. I'm interested in your viewpoint no matter where you sit!

Where do corporates spend their elearning dollars and where do you spend your time?

Creating awareness and sharing information? (These are programs where the organization just wants people to know that they have this policy in place or what this product does. There isn't really a performance outcome.)

Building skills? (These are programs where you are teaching a process or training someone how to do a performance related task. This could be soft skills like teaching a manager how to give feedback or teaching someone how to fill out a form in a software program.)

Changing behaviors and attitudes? (These are programs where you need to change how someone thinks or feels in order to sustain behavior change over time. Changing behavior is not just about learning the steps to a process, as it may require a more fundamental shift in perspective. An ad campaign that creates awarness about the dangers of air-borne diseases through better hygiene has a primary goal of changing behavior).

Just a few quick questions to answer -- should only take you a minute or two.

I'll share my results with you and thanks!